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Laurie Anderson

anderson_fox The Waters Reglitterized
'For the last year I’ve been on the road doing a solo performance 'The End of the Moon'. Every night another theater, another hotel room. Gradually my dreams became wild, vivid, more and more relentless. Headless singing squirrels, vast empty spaces, bizarre clatterings and invasions. My own dark and private theater was slowly taking over. I began to draw these dreams literally out of self-defense. I kept the computer drawing tablet next to the bed and when I woke up in the dark hotel rooms I tried to draw my dreams before they disappeared.'

The Waters Reglitterized is a kind of diary of dreams and their literal recreation as works of art. In her new work Anderson uses the language of dreams to investigate the dream itself. The resulting pieces- drawings, prints and high definition video take her work to a fascinating new level.

And the title?
This summer I spent some time at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur. ... Henry Miller not only wrote a lot in Big Sur he also painted many watercolors and wrote about what it was like to try to see and then re-see things, to reglitterize them, to transfer them from one medium to another. In his essay ‘The Waters Reglitterized” he wrote:
You can look at things all your life and not see them really. This 'seeing' is, in a way, a 'not seeing', if you follow me. It is more of a search for something, in which, being blindfolded, you develop the tactile, the olfactory, the auditory senses--and thus see for the first time.
I love the phrase 'The Waters Reglitterized' because it suggests our own powers to reinvent what we have seen, to re-create its sensual animal energy . And then to recognize it as the illusion it really is. My secret goal in life is to begin to see not just my dreams this way- but my waking thoughts as well.
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The Waters Reglitterized
17.09. - 22.10.2005

Sean Kelly Gallery New York, USA

live2001 The Record of the Time
The international traveling Laurie Anderson retrospective has just finished its four year, five city run. Originally produced by and mounted at the Musée d'Art Contemporain de Lyon, it then toured to Duesseldorf, Milan, Dublin and Tokyo. Comprising some ninety pieces - everything from early works steeped in the conceptualism of the 1970s, to videos, assemblages, installations and original violins, to photos and drawings right up to projects for Expo 2005 Aichi - the exhibit spans Laurie's over thirty year long artistic career, presenting the full scope of her multi-disciplinary, multi-media pursuits.

is a film of short stories about nature, artifice and dreams. Located in a fictitious world of theatrical spaces, the stories unfold through music, gesture, text and the poetry of visual images. The film’s haunting music features violins, bells, dog barks and melody as well as Anderson’s signature electronic sounds. Both joy and loss are caught in this film in Japanese and English.

HIDDEN INSIDE MOUNTAINS, commissioned by EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan, is a high definition film that debuted in Japan at EXPO 2005. Running time is 25 minutes. The Film is featured in several current film festivals, among them Locarno, Edinburgh, Telluride and Toronto.
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The Record of the Time
22.07. - 02.10.2005

ICC Tokio, JP

Life on a String The End of the Moon
Laurie’s latest performance 'The End of the Moon' is the second in a trilogy of solo performance works that combines stories and music in an intimate setting. The End of the Moon includes music for violin and electronics creating a duet between the spoken word and Laurie’s signature sound.

Following the first piece in this series Happiness (2002), The End of the Moon draws upon Laurie’s recent experiences and research as the first artist-in-residence at NASA in 2003.

Moon and Stars Align for Performance Artist by Anne Hull | Washington Post |

Uwe Haack

photo : Fox
Still video 2005 | The Waters Reglitterized

Live In New York
Nonesuch 2001 2 CD | amazon | listen to samples

life on a string
Nonesuch 2001 1 CD | amazon | listen to samples

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